Mother Saint Mary : a woman inspired

The Congregation Our Lady of Fidelity founded by Henriette le Forestier d’ Osseville (Mother St. Mary) the 26th  February  1831, is an  Apostolic Congregation of Marian and Ignatian spirituality, has for its primary aim education in the broadest sense of the term, and that since the first days of the foundation. The strength of the charism of the Congregation is founded on the "certainty of support of the Faithful Virgin", perceived by Mother Saint Mary at the bottom of his heart in 1829 when during a moment of deep distress she heard :


“ I am the Faithful Virgin : 

fear nothing !


the foundation planned will take place 

in spite of a thousand obstacles



I shall be faithful 

to all those who, in this house, honour me under this title.”



Audioguide de la Chapelle Lalique

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