Education : "the Child, a Person".

NDF l'enfant est une personne.

In 1835, Mother St. Mary began to write her Plan of Education – detailing her pedagogy. The human aspect of this plan – her love of the children, almost maternal, her understanding of their need for love, patience, and her watchfulness for their development - is a modern vision. Similarly the formation of the Sisters who are their teachers and who are encouraged to act as "mothers" towards their children, to love them, to respect them, to teach them and care for them to allow them to recreate themselves – mentally and physically - all this is the essential quality of her principles of education.


The basis of everything :

NDF La pédagogie responsable
  •  Quality of the educational


  • relationships. 


  • Respect for the child. 


  • Positive teaching.
  • Teacher accountability


  and over all

  • Respect for the “breath of the spirit”,  which is the theological aspect of the Plan of education. 




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