To be there and to be wholeheartedly.

The pioneers of yesterday.

  • The Crimean War (1854-1855)                                                          When asked to volunteers to support the wounded soldiers : five sisters faced the sea and storms to go to Constantinople with Florence Nightingale. For several months they remained helping the surgeons and nurses, cleaning, comforting, caring for the dying in those "kilometres of human suffering" in the only existing hospital in Scutari.
  • Roseau (British West Indies) : 1857 An urgent appeal by Mgr. Désiré - Michel VESQUES, Bishop of Roseau : "I need nuns", resulted in the departure of seven sisters who received the blessing of Pope Pius IX before leaving. In Roseau they found conditions very precarious. They took in hand the Church, the bishop’s residence, the cathechism for the children and adults. After a few days they were adopted by the population and the sisters opened an orphanage and a boarding. 


The initiatives of today.

The initiatives of Our Lady of Fidelity overseas today are to found in India, Russia and Africa.





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