Welcome, Education, Mission !


The charisma of the Congregation, following Ignatian spirituality, is to : 



"Praise Mary faithfulness to God

and mankind and to bear witness

to the fidelity,

especially towards  young people deprived of affection

by the work of education confided

to the Congregation

by the Church".


These lines are like the stamp planted by the Church in the doorstep of the book of Constitutions (p.7).



" The Congregation after growing and spreading in Europe and Africa, where drought has, hit here or there, but the sap still vigorous now sends out fresh shoots towards India, Korea and Spain. The recruits from these countries inked to the first sisters will continue the mission of education, welcome.


Openness to beauty : “God is beautiful and good”.

This is the message proposed to you today and tomorrow."


Sr. Heidi Koller, Superior General-2011.




Until 1969 the Congregation was legally called “Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Orphans of Mary of La Délivrande called the Faithful Virgin.”




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