L'Alliance NDF

“An ear that listens, understands, welcomes and transmits”


The association l’Alliance N.D.F., gathers together all the schools of the Congregation in France, Belgium, England, Italy and Guinea.


Today the Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity, by means of the Alliance acts in the role of supervisor and is the guarantor and guide of the schools which comply within the framework of the “statutes of Catholic Education in French schools”, this in association with the local Diocesan Management. This collaboration has for objective:


  • the transmission to the management of the schools of the spirituality of the Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity and the plan of Education of its foundress Mother St. Mary – Henriette le Forestier d’Osseville.
  • an experience to share and assist the different institutions.
  • a support for the schools’ leaders in their mission.
  • the implementation of common projects (meetings every two years, visits of supervision, etc...)


Alliance NDF : l'éducation positive
Une éducation positiive.

The Alliance N.D.F.,

(who form part of the association)

“Those who participate,

are at the service of the young people.”


The Alliance is founded on the plan of Education envisaged by Mother St. Mary –The Basic charter of Pedagogy.


In order to maintain a group responsible for the education and consistency of the work across the network of schools in Alliance NDF – every two years a convention will be held in each country in turn. An educational theme will be chosen to study (e.g. 2010 Champagnole –Theme: The concept of the “orphan” today, what sense can there be ?, which young people in our schools today could be called “orphans” ?)  ajouter 2012 ?


The Alliance NDF therefore maintains both spiritual and pedagogique links between the schools and colleges, special schools for those with disabilities and student hostels in France, Europe and other countries outside Europe.



MARS : saison des Portes Ouvertes virtuelles dans tous nos lycées !                 Ici : Cours Notre Dame Douvres la Délivrande

1er -8 AOUT 2021 :  Retraite spirituelle

Thème : " Unifie mon coeur pour qu'il craigne ton nom "


Prédicateur : P. André L. SiMONART, Père Blanc Missionnaire d'Afrique.

à Khaïré - la Délivrande.

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Audioguide de la Chapelle Lalique

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